Rules for badges in english


SHORTY was invented in 1999.

To acquire and wear the SHORTY badge you must wear shorts during a whole year for all scouting events.


You can wear as many layers of shorts as you wish. Inner shorts, rain shorts and long socks are recommended for cold days. You can also choose to wear a kilt, skirt or a dress. Just remember that the knees must be bare.

In our Scout Group, we recommend that the scouts are min. 12 years before they start acquiring this badge.



The rules are nearly the same at for the SHORTY badge;

Your JUST HAVE TO WEAR SHORTS for a whole year

at all times; for  scouting, work, church, skiing, holydays etc.

You cannot acquire a SHORTY at the same time as the VIKING badge.







To acquire the SNORKY badge you must sleep outside for a year.

Exactly 365 days out of 400 consecutive days!

On camps you may exceptionally sleep in a bivouac or a wooden shelter.

You cannot acquire a SNORKY badge at the same time as the SHELTY badge.





You sleep in a shelter (wooden shelter) one night every month on a year. (12 nights on 12 months)

It must be officially approved shelters

It may be a shelter on a piece of land belonging to the scouts. (Agreements by your scout leader)

You may only sleep in the same shelter one time

You may not close the shelter with a tarpaulin

You cannot acquire a SHELTY badge at the same time as SNORKY .



To acquire the BIKY badge, you must ride on your bike to and from all scout meetings (all weekly meetings) for a year.

If you are going on a scout camp it is not required that you ride your bike.








To acquire the SKJORTY badge you must wear your scout

uniform for a whole year.  (365 days out of 400 consecutive days)

As soon as you leave your home, you must wear your

uniform and scarf. You will have to wash the uniform in the evening,

so it is dry in the morning.





The Scotty badge can be acquired after the same rules

as the SHORTY badge.

You just have to wear the KILT

If you acquire the SCOTTY after the same rules as the VIKING

badge, you may sew a VIKING badge behind the SCOTTY badge,

so just "VIKING" is visible.




The FAMILY badge are mend to those who start scouting in the age of 0,001 to 6-8 years, before they can join the normal scout activities and meetings.

The badge are for these small scouts, their parents and their leaders.



The Christmas Badge

Is for the scout groups who have the tradition

to go on a Christmas tour.



The HIKY badge is acquired by going on a monthly hike having 12 nights on 12 months. Each hike must be of min. 10 km out to a place to sleep and the next day you walk back. You may drive a car or take public transportation to a spot, from where there are 10 km to the sleeping area. You may sleep where you want. Primitive accommodations, stables, haylofts, bivouacs or just under the open sky . Out of the 12 nights, you may max sleep in a wooden shelter max 2 nights and max 2 nights in a tent. You may not sleep the same place more than one night. You may go on a longer hike, but when sleeping more than one night there has to be 15 km between the sleeping places. Remember you all have to carry all your gear when walking.




Shrovetide/Dagen voor Vastenavond badge

is meant for the scout groups who go on a tour in

connection to Shrotide

(Not available)


This badge brings you back in time, to where your parents where children or young. In a time where you left your home to play or meet with friends. You walked or went by bike to see if the where at home. It was also a time where you were not disturbed all the time or was requested to answer your phone all the time.

A time where you could be yourself - totally alone

This are the Rules:

You may not open your cell phone in 30 days. If you have a tablet which can be used as a phone, same rules. Your friends may call you on your parents landline phone or one of your parents cellphones. If necessary. Otherwise your friends can send you a letter. As this is about not to use your cell phone you may use your computer - just not as a phone. Should there be an emergency, where you need to contact police, doctor or hospital the rules are put on stand by.



Like by the nOphOny you have the possibility to see how life was when your parents where young. It is 20 years since the internet was invented.

These are the Rules:

You may not use the internet for 30 days. No social medias, no mails, no news (read a paper). no talk. If it is necessary to receive mails from your school concerning homework this is allowed via school intranet.